All positions, all skill levels, day shift and swing shift

Our main positions include Receiving, Blast Cleaning, Part Preparation and Hanging, Powder Coating, QC and Packaging.  All positions benefit from team members than can routinely handle 70lbs and operate a forklift. 

Available positions include:

  • Receiving/Material Handler/Forklift Operator

  • Abrasive Blasting

  • Hand Part Preparation / Part Hanging & Rigging / Forklift Operators

  • Powder Coating

  • Quality Inspection/Packaging/Shipping

Pay rates range from $18 for entry level to $30+ depending on role, experience level and impact to our customers and the team.

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Great place to work, Great employees, Great finishes


RMC Powder Coating is a locally owned business focused on providing local commercial and industrial customers quality powder coating finishes to meet their end customer needs.  Our local, regional and national customers depend on us to provide excellent and timely powder coated finishes on the products they are selling.  We service customers across many industries including Architectural, Marine, Medical, Electrical, Transportation amongst many others. 

RMC and our sister company DCI Powder have a long standing history of providing these services in the area and we are leveraging that foundation to build a great place to work while we provide critical finishing services to our customers.  Come check out the team and our operation.


RMC focuses on Team Work and Employee Growth.  We seek to build a great company and culture over the coming years and are selective in our process of hiring.  Our principles prioritize team work, culture fit, willingness to learn, growth mindset, attention to detail and a solid work ethic.  We provide ample opportunities to learn new skills which enables our employees to become more valuable to our customers, our business and future employers.  We expect employees to develop cross-functional skills.  These are important to support the varying needs of the shop as well as provide employees with multiple valuable skills. 

Being a finishing shop, we serve our customers when they need us.  When our customers win big jobs to complete, they rely on us to step up and deliver the finish on-time without any delay.  Our employees understand this inherent demand on flexibility and truly shine when our customers need us the most. 


Want to learn a new trade, skill or develop leadership capabilities?  We provide internal opportunities for growth.  Come learn how to properly clean parts for a long lasting, durable finish.  Or develop and hone your powder coating skills to apply to toughest, most demanding cosmetic finishes prominently displayed across the nation.


We provide solid, competitive benefits including Medical/Dental Insurance, 401K plan and Vacation/PTO.

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